Heard of the TOBI Podhaler for psuedomonas treatment?

TOBIR Podhaler R

-1 This device enables Tobramycin to be delivered via a portable handheld inhaler. It is eligible for use in CF patients, aged 6 years and older with proven Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection.

Tobramycin delivered via this device has been shown to have comparable efficiency to nebulized TOBI (300 mg/5ml) and a similar side effect profile has been identified. Use of the TOBIR Podhaler R can result in more cough initially, which seems to reduce with use. Cough is lessened by administration of a bronchodilator medication prior to use.

The TOBIR Podhaler R  is taken twice daily for 28 days, every alternate 28 days. Each dose involves inhalation of 4 Podhaler capsules from the TOBIR Podhaler R  twice daily. It takes about 5-6 minutes to administer all 4 capsules.

The TOBIR Podhaler R  was PBS-listed on 1st April, 2014 and is available for use. To use this form of Tobramycin, the procedure to be followed is:

1. Any eligible patient attending the clinic must first be tested in the Respiratory Laboratory to assess whether inhalation of the TOBIR Podhaler R capsules irritates the airways. This test must be negative. Bronchodilator therapy is always administered in the laboratory prior to this assessment.

2. An initial 4 week trial of TOBIR Podhaler R capsules is undertaken. When this is completed, in order to qualify for continued PBS-subsidised therapy, a CF Team member must assess the ability of the patient to tolerate the dry powder formulation.

3. If this initial 4 weeks of therapy is tolerated, continuing treatment can occur.

4. Initial and continuing TOBIR Podhaler R therapy are obtained on Authority Scripts and have Streamlined Codes. Your GP can provide a script.


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