Vertex reports great results for its latest trials targeting double DF508 and single DF508 combos

Hopefully by now you’ve all seen the fantastic results that Vertex reported last week regarding their latest trials with precision therapy for those with both double DF508 and a single DF508 mutation combo. Vertex shares are up 21% and the reported results are pretty exciting. Although the trials were for patients 18 and older, it sounds like they’re fast tracking the next late stage trials (earmarked for early 2018) so let’s hope pediatric trials follow swiftly.

Investors on Tuesday were clearly excited by the prospect of a treatment that could eventually help 90 percent of all cystic fibrosis patients. The company’s shares surged by about 25 percent in after-market trading Tuesday, after climbing more than 75 percent since the start of the year.

“The magnitude of improvement we’re seeing is marked,” said Dr. Steve Rowe, director of the cystic fibrosis research program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Medical Center, who helped run one of the Vertex trials at the hospital. “This is really a great example of precision medicine coming into fruition. The results were impressive and conclusive.”

“Everything we saw in the lab played out in the clinic,” Leiden said. “It’s one of those very rare moments in biotech. This is the most significant advance to date in our ability to fundamentally change the course of the disease for up to 90 percent of all patients.”

Below is a good article from the Boston Globe and also an investor deck worth reading.

You can read the Boston Globe article here

Read the Vertex investor deck here NG_webcast_slides_FINAL_07-18-17

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