Mentors for newly diagnosed families

All of us have been through that initial diagnosis and know how overwhelming that time can be. To help support you through this diagnosis period as you come to terms with what cystic fibrosis is all about, we’ve put together a group of willing parents who are more than happy to support you through this period.

You might be a hugger and want to wrap your arms around a welcome stranger. You might feel like talking through ‘what this all means’ and ‘why the hell has this happened to us?’ or you might just want to sit with someone and work out what’s next.

For those of you who are grappling with a new diagnosis, we can put you in touch with another parent in your local area who can shed a bit of light on their personal experience with CF and provide a bit of emotional support.

We have a network of willing mentors from both Sydney Children’s Hospital in Randwick and also Westmead Children’s Hospital. So if you’d like to get in touch with another parent, contact the appropriate person from your clinic below.

Sydney Children’s Hospital please contact Kylie Black at

Westmead Children’s Hospital please contact Jen Stumbles at

We’ll put you in touch with another parent who lives or works close by.

Don’t be afraid to reach out for support during this difficult time; having someone who has been through it all before can make a very real difference.

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