Meal Plans

Meal Plan for 6 months to 2 years

The following meal plan gives you some ideas for that difficult age of 6 months to 2 years when your child is discovering foods for the first time and food needs to not only be nutritious, but fun. There are some great examples in here.

Meal Plan # 1

Meal Plan for primary school

The following is a sample meal plan to give you ideas about what a full days high calorie eating plan might look like for a 6 year old CFer at school. And let’s face it, not all days go according to plan, some days we get more fat in than others but we’re all in need of a bit of inspiration from week to week. This would be an example of an ‘ideal’ day in our household but most days we would follow some of this and substitute with convenient (often a bit lower fat) healthy snacks because let’s face it, often life gets in the way. And sometimes . . we just hit McDonalds or pizza for a high fat meal if we’re in a rush and want to get some fat in.

* Please note we are in the process of checking and reviewing the fat counts for this meal plan so it does not contain fat counts at present.

Meal Plan # 2

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