20th May 2015

Here’s the Agenda from our parents information night we held recently.
A nutrition research overview
Tamarah covered off the latest Australian dietary guidelines and talk a little about how we should all be approaching nutrition

Physical guidelines overview
Mike talked about the Australian physical activity guidelines and what a good exercise regime looks like


And a little Inspiration from the Parents Council:
We know that it’s not just Information gaps but Inspiration gaps that need to be filled when it comes to diet. Maintaining a healthy weight is a marathon not a sprint and we all run out of inspiration sometimes. So we’ve put together a few ideas to help you try something new when your usual snacks aren’t enough or you just want to mix it up and try something new.

A) Sneaky fat stacking – Nutrient dense high-fat items to put on your shopping list now
Vanessa one of our parents has collated a list of some of the best nutrient dense high calorie grocery item ideas that each of us is buying to help you mix it up a little
Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 8.58.06 am
B) Fat-stacking Showbag
The parents council have put together a fat-stacking showbag which contains a bunch of high calorie samples you can take home and try with your child. This will also include a couple of home made recipe samples – high fat nutrient dense snacks that you can try and if they’re well received, you can make them yourself at home. So you’ll get samples as well as the recipes and fat counts to go with them.

C) Sneaky Fat Stacking video
Come inside the home of one of our parents and see how they deal with a fat stacking week. They’ll share with you a couple of their tried and tested tips & tricks for upping the calorie count during those times when weight needs a boost.

D) Gastronomy Peg > Overnight Feeds Video
A sneak peek into one family’s preparation for their child’s overnight feeds and how they’ve managed to make it more effective and easier to manage.


North American Conference Feedback
Dr Yvonne Belessis will give her overview of the North American CF Conference from last year

We’re really trying to help drive the content for these parent information nights so the more of you that turn up, the more say we can have in how they’re run and what information they cover.

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