Setting up your CF Folder

A bunch of Sydney CF parents have gotten together and created a framework to help us all keep our children’s CF records in order (and to help us structure the way we explore, record and review our children’s health). This is the result – The CF Folder. Following are pages created by different parents and some suggestions that might be helpful as to how best to order all that medical information so that it’s usable and useful.

1. You’ll need a big folder and 5 dividers (you may choose to have more with your own sections). So far we’ve divided the information into the following:
2. Lung Function

2. Height & Weight

3. Sputum Tracking

4. Medical history

5. Annual Reviews

Download the Main-folder-inserts to start setting up your folder.

You’ll see throughout the document that we indicate where the divider should go next.

Over time more downloads to supplement your folder will be available here online so you can download the information that is pertinent to the age or status of your child.